Stage Show Recommendations

I have a confession: I’m addicted to buying theatre tickets. 

This means several things at once: 

  • If my bank account was a person, they’d always be close to tears. 
  • I was definitely that annoying theatre kid at school.
  • I’m not allowed to be in charge of the playlist at group events (which is my friend’s loss, as the Legally Blonde soundtrack is a certified BOP). 

However, I’m also aware that choosing which shows to go and see can be tricky. So, here’s a little guide on Stage Shows you should keep an eye out for! 

Shows when you’re looking to have fun: 

Six The Musical. Six is the perfect show for those looking for a night of laughter, girl-power and killer dance moves. Telling the untold stories behind Henry VIII’s wives, the show is one of many changing how the younger generation will learn about history. Much like Hamilton, historical figures are brought to life in a way that feels more relatable than a dusty textbook ever will – through music. In Six, the wives, fed up with being ‘just one word in a stupid rhyme‘, have come together to form a girl band (‘like the Tudor Von Trapp’s). This means that the score is not dissimilar to the music of current chart-toppers and divas like Little Mix, Adele and Lizzo.

Right now, you can get tickets to see Six as part of its west-end production, on Broadway or for its up and coming UK tour.  

Cabaret: The Kit Kat Club. A new entry to the London Theatre scene, Rebbeca Frecknall’s revival of Cabaret has been a huge hit amongst theatre-goers and critics alike. In fact, it has currently received 11 Olivier nominations, including Best Musical Revival, Best Choreography and Best Design. Encouraging viewers to leave their troubles at the door and enter a space where they can truly be free – Cabaret is theatre at its best – sensual, dazzling and all-around fantastic evening.

This also means tickets are near impossible to get. However, if you’re feeling lucky, you could enter the TodayTix Lottery, which gives you the chance to win two tickets for just £25. Simply log into the app before 15.30 on the day of the show to enter. 

Shows when you’re looking to cry:

Come From Away: Phoneix Theatre. On paper, Come From Away sounds a little odd – after all, it’s a musical based on the events surrounding 9/11, which is not a time you can imagine singing and dancing about. However, Come From Away is a masterpiece in storytelling – equal parts heartbreaking and heartwarming, and focused less on the events themselves and more on the human spirit and the impact of kindness. 

The show takes place in Gander, a small Newfoundland town, which typically saw the arrival of a few layover planes each day. However, in the hours (and days) surrounding the 9/11 attacks – they were suddenly inundated with flights unable to enter US airspace. The musical is the story of the people of Gander, who opened their homes and hearts to some 6,000+ passengers during these tragic events. It’s about loss, friendship and coming together in the face of hardship – and it’s beautiful.

Come From Away is on in the West End but is expected to launch a UK tour in the foreseeable future. Daily rush tickets are also available on TodayTix for just £25.

The Curious Incident Of The Dog And The Night-Time.

The novel The Curious Incident Of The Dog And The Night-Time has sold more than 5.5 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 44 languages – and the reason for this is clear. This is a story that it’s hard not to fall in love with. Both the novel and the play tell the tale of 15-year old Christopher Boone, a neurodivergent teenager trying to cope with his parent’s separation, a changing world, and the mysterious death of his neighbour’s dog. 

There are many good things about the show – from its creative set design and lighting to the stellar performances from all. Its most recent production is also a significant step towards inclusion, as the company sought to (rightfully) cast neurodivergent actors in neurodivergent roles.  

Right now, you can watch the show as part of its UK tour

Shows when you’re looking for a bit of Magic: 

Frozen: Theatre Royal Dury Lane. Okay, hear me out: I, too, heard Let It Go so many times during Frozen’s heyday that the opening notes make me want to recoil – which is why I didn’t have too high hopes when heading to Arrendale. 

However, Frozen is the epitome of theatre magic and a masterclass in special effects and stage design. As a result, you feel you’ve fallen directly into the fairytale world when watching. 

Despite this, you should also be prepared to be surrounded by kids (many of who will sing along) when watching. However, this makes the whole experience more fun, especially as you see the next generation of theatre-lovers fall in love with the stage. When I attended, I was sat next to a child in full Elsa garb, who wasted no opportunity to shout ‘He’s a bad guy, Anna’ whenever Hans took to the stage (if only I could have them to VETO my tinder swipes, I might find online dating a lot easier). 

If you’re looking for the best deal for your Frozen tickets, check out  DisneyTickets. Every Monday at noon, they release a set number of tickets for the week’s performances for just £25.  

Shows when you’re looking for a fun night out:

Magic Mike: London Palladium. If you’re looking to combine your night at the theatre with some drinks or are looking for the perfect Hen Party, Girls’ Night out (or even just a Tuesday evening), then Magic Mike is an excellent choice. Based on the film of the same name, Magic Mike is less about narrative and more about moves. Featuring your favourite pop tunes and talented performers in various degrees of undress, it’s a great show if you’re looking to let your hair down. Furthermore, Channing Tatum serves as director and producer for the show and occasionally pops by himself! 

What more could you want? You can buy tickets for Magic Mike Live on their website, but you will get the best deal if you book in advance. At least an early booking will give you something to look forward to. 

Image courtesy of Florian Wehde

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