Supporting Independent Businesses in a Pandemic

It’s no secret that this pandemic has hit every single one of us very hard. With social distance measures in place, many small, local, independent businesses have had to close their doors and the financial implications of this are huge. Even with government support, many independent businesses may not survive the lock down. Whilst living… Continue reading Supporting Independent Businesses in a Pandemic

Letters From Lockdown 67: Jenna Ransome

Dear Neighbours, It sounded like you had fun last weekend. The kids were playing and screaming to their hearts’ content, you adults were chatting away, catching up after weeks of not seeing each other I’m sure. The food smelt great by the way! I don’t know if you heard though, the whole country is actually… Continue reading Letters From Lockdown 67: Jenna Ransome

Through the Lens: South America.

There's something pleasantly surprising about walking down streets in South America. You never know if you'll come across some amazing (but sometimes oddly placed) street art, a protest, someone selling fruit and veg on their doorstep, a friendly street dog or friendly local, an unexpected beautiful view or the face of Simone de Beauvoir. If… Continue reading Through the Lens: South America.