Woman’s World

As a woman, my body and mind are just this. Two separate worlds unaware that the other exists. One deals with the issues inside of my head often forgetting that most of them haven’t even happened yet. The other houses a heart that is big, One that doesn’t take much to pull on its strings. My mind is a creative pit. Full and bright but only when I remember to turn on the light. Sometimes it can be dark and destitute, filled with anxiety and problems caused (obviously) by me or at least that’s what the Man-made World would have me believe, it’s what happens when you’re stuck in your own anti-hygge. My Body is different but amazing too, not particularly tall and fond of good food but as a woman some others may have a problem with that, On a daily basis I hear their judgement and back chat. The problems my body and mind give me may be pilling high. Premature arguments (caused by nothing) or jean destroying thighs but nevertheless and despite what others may say they do me a service and I cannot complain. Without them I wouldn’t be able to Feel, walk, talk or even write my own name. I may not be perfect or their ideal version of me but I am exactly who I’m supposed to be. I’m Curvy and strong, I will never admit when I’m wrong, I’m loud but sometimes shy, I’m happily single and childless, despite what people think of this, at this moment in time it is my literal bliss. When it comes to the body and mind of this woman here there’s only thing that I have to say World’s apart they may be but distance means absolutely nothing to me. I am who I am and that’s all there is to it. You either Love me or Leave me. Go Ahead! Do it!

Image courtesy of Dainis Graveris.

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