The Downing Street Parties Only Confirm What We Already Knew: The Tories are Hypocrites

The opinions expressed in this article are the opinions of the writer and do not represent the opinions of The Hysteria Collective as a platform.

It is one rule for us and another for them. 

Around this time last year, COVID-19 restrictions had been tightened due to the influx of cases of the deadly virus. The NHS was (and still is) at a breaking point. People’s mental health was (and still is) teetering on the edge of collapse. And the one thing we had to look forward to had been cancelled, Christmas. 

But obviously not for the Tories. 

While many were being forced to say goodbye to their loved ones through FaceTime calls, members of the Conservative government and our so-called ‘protectors’ were enjoying a glass of wine with their colleagues at a party.

What could they have possibly been celebrating? The thousands of people that have died from the virus. The thousands of people that have lost their jobs and now have to scrounge every penny just to get by. The thousands of students that have missed out on vital years of education. The government forced many of us to spend Christmas alone after one of the toughest years most of us have had to face in our lifetimes, only for us to be repaid for our sacrifices with even more lies and failures from the country’s leaders.

COVID-19 is a joke to the Conservatives seeing as if they ever do contract the virus, they will immediately receive the best care in the country thanks to their wealth and status, with the rest of us having to make do in makeshift hospitals. The government could easily dodge the fines put in place that kept the rest of us indoors and laughed at the ridiculous notion that they would ever be investigated by the police. This was probably the most accurate thing to be said by the government, considering The Met cannot even look after us on a daily basis with its copious corruption cases. 

And this illegal Christmas Party is only the cherry on top. During Boris Johnson’s stint as Prime Minister, we have had to watch Health Secretary Matt Hancock have an affair with the aide, Gina Coladangelo (once again breaking lockdown rules), with millions of taxpayers money being wasted on a Track and Trace app that doesn’t even work, terrible treatment of the NHS (clapping will not pay workers’ bills), the passing of the Nationality & Borders bill that allows the government to strip people of their British citizenship without any notice, empty shelves and petrol crises, and countless other sleazy under the table deals. 

This cannot be solved with the removal of party members. The Hydra-esque ways of the Conservative party means that if you cut off one member of the party, another one that is just as incompetent and lacking in empathy will come and replace them. I’m sure that there are many young Conservative hopefuls waiting in the wings with glee whilst watching this political massacre occur, as it will open up opportunities for them to fill exactly the same shoes as their predecessors.

Absolutely nothing will change. 

For how much longer are we going to let our futures be decided by a bunch of sadistic politicians that cannot follow basic rules themselves?

Are you going to turn a blind eye to the deceit of the Tories again or rally for change?

Image Courtesy of Hello I’m Nik

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