Winter Fashion: Keeping Warm Whilst Looking Cool

It’s that dreaded time of year again. The days get shorter, the nights get colder, and outfits are infinitely more difficult to put together. Not only do they have to look good, now they have to be practical as well. Looking cool whilst staying warm is a dilemma that all of us will be facing for the next few months. Therefore, I have created this guide to, hopefully, aid you pick the best items that are both sensible and stylish.

Faux fur coats

The animal-free alternative to this luxurious piece is both cute and useful. Whilst originally being worn to show off wealth and status, the modern faux fur coat makes sure to keep you warm and looking like royalty. Whether it’s lining the inside of your jacket or styled in the popular teddy bear jacket, these coats are guaranteed to prevent the cold from ruining your winter walks. The variety of styles and colours that these coats come in means that you’ll be able to find a coat that fits every kind of occasion.

Bucket hats

Before you click off of this article, let me explain! Bucket hats, whilst being quite fashionable at the moment, are still subject to a lot of debate. I take a pro-bucket hat stance, as I think they are both cute and comfy. Fluffy bucket hats are a step up from the usual knitted winter hat and therefore, have the ability to elevate your outfit. If you are a fan of street style, bucket hats are a wardrobe must-have. Whether patterned or plain, bucket hats will keep your head warm and your outfits trendy.


Whilst this may seem like an obvious choice, jeans are an incredibly diverse piece that can be dressed up or down, depending on the event you are going to. For a more put-together look, black skinny jeans and a nice top are the perfect go-to date night or Christmas party look. If you want to exude the ‘I just threw this on’ vibe, baggy wide-leg or mom jeans paired with winter boots and your top of choice will help to make you look effortlessly cool. And on top of all of this, they help to keep you cosy and warm. 


This item keeps returning each year as a winter fashion staple and for good reason too. Boots are an essential item for battling the wild weather of winter. Whether it is snowing, pouring down with rain, or just the usual drab climate that comes with the season, boots are able to resist it all. Dr. Martens are the best boots for tackling bad weather and make any outfit look a little edgier. Heeled or platform boots will make any outfit more professional, whilst staying practical. Investing in a solid pair of boots will end up paying off, as I can’t see them ever going out of fashion!


Due to the numerous lockdowns that have occurred over the past year, substance has now become as important as style. Influencers have been creating loungewear brands left, right, and centre, making it practically fashionable to wear pyjamas outside. Hoodies are a basic item that can be paired with anything: jeans to make your outfit seem effortless, tennis skirts and shirt collars for a more preppy look, and even tailored trousers if you want to look more polished. 


If you are someone that gets a little too hot in thick puffy winter coats, investing in a shacket may be worth your while. Shackets tend to be a lot lighter, considering they are a mix between a shirt and jacket (the clue is in the name). Shackets are an easy piece to just throw over any outfit and are often roomier compared to extremely structured winter jackets. Personally, I think shackets are perfect for days when you’re constantly on the move, as they allow for ease of movement and won’t leave you feeling uncomfortably sweaty after 5 minutes. 

Of course, there are many more items that should be included in your winter wardrobe, but I believe that these are the staple pieces that everyone needs to have. These pieces can be mixed and matched in order to create outfits that are ready to stun on a night out or are the ultimate winter outfit for meeting friends at your local café.

Image courtesy of Zoe on Unsplash.

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