all too well (an alternate version)

crisp air, red scarf
fresh coffee, singing in the car
a carpet of leaves, you look at me and say
‘you will never forget this day’

a masterpiece in the making
it could have been groundbreaking
dancing under the moonlit sky
you’d have thought we were fucking high

but fast forward one year on
and i’m sitting alone, you long gone
i still picture your smile, the wind in my hair
i swear sometimes i see you, at our table, down the stairs

my dad recently asked me where you went
he said my birthday could have been better spent
but the nights you had me and made me your own
i remember even now i’m stronger and all grown

and i may be older but you’ll always be the same
the kid with the twin bed and the dark rimmed frames
chasing young flames, i should tell them to run
losing you at twenty-one really is no fun

but i do hope my scarf keeps you warm
when you walk into the eye of your self-made storm
assess your casualties, look who you sent to hell
i hope you remember it like i do, all too well

Image courtesy of Luis Paico

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