How To Be “That Girl”, Part Two: Tips from Someone Turning 30

Being “That Girl” comes down to looking after your body and mind and checking in with yourself. Look back at part one to get more tips from my thirty years of being in this flesh house. Here are the other ideas for cheaply and easily looking after yerself.


  • YouTube and Instagram are your friend – save IGTV videos into categories and subscribe to a few fitness YouTubers you like. Try and follow a range of people – there’s always a modification for different abilities and shapes.
  • There are also loads of free apps that can lead you through exercise programmes and you can get interval timer apps so you can easily set up your own circuits and rest times for an at-home work out.
  • Some is better than none.
  • Movement is motivation – agree to do ‘just’ five minutes of exercise and you might find yourself wanting to do more.
  • Consider what you can do from home and what you prefer to do out. Classes and gym passes are worth it if it means you are enjoying your exercise more. Equally, if you prefer working out from home then look carefully at what equipment can elevate your workout. My key pieces are my resistance bands, a foam roller and dumbbells. For others, it might be the right pair of headphones or leggings with a pocket.
  • Look for new ways to move – do you have a local pole or aerial fitness studio? Maybe joining a belly dancing or burlesque class would be fun! What about archery or wall climbing? These suggestions aren’t budget – but sometimes budget is about choosing carefully where to spend your money to maximise its impact.
  • Can you take your movement outside? Is there somewhere near you that’s safe to swim? Maybe there are walks or hills or parks you can travel to from your house. There’s an extra boost when we get some time outside.

Skin/Body Care

  • Get one of those eye masks you can put in the fridge à la American Psycho – you can keep it in the fridge (I keep mine in a wee Tupperware) or warm them up in hot water. A good replacement for the under eye or sheet masks and they’re reusable. Very good for a hangover.
  • Buy a tube or tub of face mask instead of using a sheet mask every time – you should only use a mask about twice a week anyway!
  • Foot roller – seriously, get one now!! We’re on our feet so much and they are often neglected parts of the body. Using a foot roller for five minutes before bed aids sleep too – I recommend following with a foot moisturiser and putting on a pair of fluffy socks.

Self-Improvement – Tracking and Reflecting

  • You do not need a fancy bullet journal layout to be successful – in fact, I found that was yet another stress/job I had to do. A normal notebook for you to write lists and ideas in does just fine. I fold the pages in half lengthways to make easy columns.
  • You can make very simple layouts – for example if you are wanting to write out three things you are grateful for everyday, then write out the dates of the month with three bullet points underneath for you to fill in later.
  • I would highly recommend revisiting your goals and questioning what is nourishing you at least every quarter. Once a year is not enough – how do you know what’s working for you and what isn’t if you don’t consider it as you go? Give yourself a specific month to complete a goal by, but don’t be afraid to move these forwards or backwards.
  • Some is better than none. This bears repeating. It’s better to keep going with some habits or do some habits sporadically than not do them at all.
  • Start with only a few habits and build up once you have those nailed. Don’t try to do it all at once – that can be overwhelming and tricky.
  • Remove barriers and make things as easy to access as possible – if you struggle remembering your multivitamins or whatever, then place them somewhere out on the side near something you use regularly like the kettle. Keep your diaries and notebooks next to your bed when you are at home so that you can easily grab them and have a look and a write.
  • Look up journal prompts and write them out in a notebook – much cheaper and more personal than buying one!

If you got through that huge list – well done! These are wee wisdoms I want to pass on – keep it simple, keep it cheap (that new shiny thing won’t make you a sexier or better person), and remember that doing some is better than doing none!

Image courtesy of Viva Luna Studios.

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