Mutual Masturbation: A Mantra for Intimate Connection

Sex Positivity with Ffion Nugent.

Before I dive into my September article, I want to raise awareness of the UK’s Sexual Health Awareness month. This year’s sexual health awareness month is hosted by ‘Brook’. This article is not sponsored by ‘Brook’, I simple wish to promote their amazing online sex education blogs, workshops and campaigns. Brook has their own blog – a platform for Brook staff and young activists to voice their opinions on key topics related to the sexual health and rights of young people in the UK. The link to join the discussion is here. Now, onto this month’s column!

Masturbation is a great solo activity. It can really help with exploring your body and finding out what you like! It is a great asset to your self care routine. But why not share the pleasure with someone else? In the case for many people, the thought of sharing something that has always been yours can be rather daunting. However, it is one of many people’s favourite sex positions (yes, sex isn’t limited to penis-in-vagina sex!). 

What is it? What are the benefits?

Mutual masturbation is the physical act of two people touching each other. Through partaking in mutual masturbation, it involves immense vulnerability and trust in the other person. It also enables people to learn what their partner enjoys. It can massively increase intimacy in the bedroom!

How to get started? A step by step guide:

  1. Let’s talk about consent. Before any other intimate act, consent must always be gained. A quick check-in with the other person during masturbation goes a long way. It ensures their consent is still given and allows an opportunity for the person to retract their consent.
  2. Mutual masturbation can be daunting. If you’re thinking about trying it out with your partner, the best time to approach the idea is outside of the bedroom. It removes the ‘performance pressure’ (side note: sex should never be seen as a performance, but an intimate experience!) to try it out straight away. It also helps people to gage if their partner is keen on the idea straight away, or needs some time to think over it. 
  3. Pillow talk! It’s a great opportunity to communicate with your partner after mutual masturbation. The experience should bring you and your partner closer, as you allow that level of vulnerability in the bedroom.
  4. Incorporate sex toys. Sex toys are great fun during solo sex, but you can also share the pleasure with your partner during mutual masturbation. 

Overall, the three main points are to always communicate, explore and enjoy! 

Image via Canva.

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