The Chain Restaurant Named After The Tallest Mammal

I occasionally went to Giraffe as a child, forgot it existed, but then decided to go back to about ten years later. Planning to go there reminded me of the toy plastic giraffes. A signature element they sadly must have discontinued: no children at the Victoria establishment had them. Then again it is far better for the environment not to be cluttered with plastic giraffes which their owners would probably say goodbye to within a week – be it intentionally or non-intentionally. From doing a search, these ‘toys’ are in fact also sold as cocktail stirrers. Maybe they should bring them back for drinks.  

The Giraffe in Victoria is not far from the Victoria Palace Theatre, it has a relaxed vibe and there’s a shelf of books inviting you to read whilst you’re there. Unusually, a student discount is given for any day of the week. There’s a range of breakfast cuisine to choose from, offering both a breakfast and a brunch menu. Giraffe is also part of the bottomless brunch crew, glass after glass of prosecco for 1.5 hours alongside your meal.

I was there for breakfast and started with a Cappuccino. It arrived with a glass of water and, although that may seem odd, it’s great when water arrives at the table without having to ask. I absolutely love smoked salmon and ordered Eggs Royale. I’ve had this dish at other places before so I know what to expect, English muffins with smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on top. Intriguingly, Giraffe’s description mentioned a pesto hollandaise.

As it is typically served, there were two poached eggs. One yolk was more cooked than the other, this might have been deliberate but I never like a yolk which doesn’t flow. The smoked salmon was fine because you can’t really go wrong with that. I’m not sure what happened with the pesto hollandaise, I’ve eaten pesto sauce countless times but the hollandaise didn’t look particularly green nor did I taste the pesto. Instead, a mustard flavour which was a little on the strong side. The texture of the muffin was suitably soft. So the overall combination was pretty good. The outer part of the plate was decorated with a drizzle of oil and a herb, it worked with the rest of the food but wasn’t a must-have. As an addition I had an orange juice. Normally I’d prefer smooth but the greater quality was noted immediately due to its wonderfully natural and sweet refreshing taste.

Image courtesy of Nick Karvounis .

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