What Second Hand September is All About

Second Hand September was set up by Oxfam to help reduce clothing waste, while at the same time helping people beat poverty around the world. In an era of PrettyLittleThing clothing domination, this is exactly what we need.

Less clothes in landfill by making clothing last longer and getting the most out of every piece is what Oxfam aim for. According to the Oxfam website, 13 million items of clothing go to landfill every week. EVERY WEEK! Also according to Oxfam, 95% of textile waste could be used or recycled. When you hear these statistics, it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that buying new clothes should be avoided where possible.

Secondhand September helps individuals adopt a new lifestyle change. So many people across the world pour their earnings into fast fashion companies who underpay their workers, when they could get way more for their money from charity shops. Sure, they might not have exactly what you want, but charity shops are the ideal places to explore to discover a new favourite fashion, clothing item, or colour.

Just a few reasons Oxfam give to take part in Second Hand September include the fact that fast fashion is damaging our planet, it is easy to clear-out your wardrobe, and you’ll be part of a movement of people changing the world for good.

Saving our planet has never been easier – don’t buy new clothes which contribute to landfills and perpetuate the use of underpaid and overworked staff. Even if it’s just for one month, make that change. If you want to read more about it, you can find information on the Oxfam website here.

Image courtesy of Becca McHaffie.

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