One Did Cry Along The Way

CW: mentions of depression

Perhaps he’d once been fully under the sheets

You told him he needed to get help but it was only too clear who was really in need

They could delve into the mind and perhaps cease your malice

Such words made him shed more tears, he fled to his room, missing that evening of drinks

You said you love him to bits but felt as though a weight had been lifted once he had gone

A sentence I was shocked to hear, how could you say that when he did so much for you?

Hours of assistance he gave without a chair to sit

He was listening in on the phone as requested, whilst you did your interview

You made it clear to him to not touch your feet under the table and then he said the same to you

A simple act of joke copycat

You missed the point and met him with ridicule, he headed back upstairs

He went home and left some supplies, maybe more than expected but kindly free for others to use

This led you to say it’s funny what depression does to people

Such a truly absurd connection that was, I had to halt the laughter escaping

Image courtesy of Becca Schultz

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