Visiting Ghosts

I stand here on this exact spot
Between the coffee shop where we first met
And the bar we spent many nights together
I breathe in the air as if it was your scent

I remember the night you were here
With me, us together, hand in hand
For maybe the last time; or not,
These past months have been a blur

And you have been gone many months now
But a girl can dream, and boy do I dream
Each night and the following day
Whenever I am awake you are there                 

Only in my thoughts but it is enough
Because I can wish all the bad away
Remember you in the most perfect form
Leaving the bad aside to rot

And the image of you I have
Doesn’t come close to the real thing
You may be perfect in my thoughts
But I’d prefer the real you after all

Image courtesy of Thomas Willmott

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