If I Felt Safe At Night

if I felt safe at night I would hitchhike the world, solo

cardboard cuts into palm lines

I haven’t stared sourly at the lines on my face for weeks now

I don’t give a shit how I look, just how I feel

and I feel fucking free

meeting person after person

expanding my soul

feeling the upholstery of different cars and noting

the items in the pockets in doors and under dashboards and


even a quick peek

in their glove box if I think I can get away with it

hearing the music they choose

why did they choose this I wonder

does it recall a moment of a kiss of a summer

was it the radio station their dad played

on their way home from school


maybe it means nothing at all to them

but it means something to me

adding a piece of them into my memory

Image courtesy of Jed Villejo

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