Overly Scared, Ensnared and Underprepared

Mounting, mounting, mounting
A mountain
Of clothes
Discarded, unused

The seas are rising
The skies are frying
While I am here lying
At home
With my luxuries,
An image of overconsumption
Consumed by the fumes
As the trees diminish
Because we are not finished
Chopping, changing
Rearranging the world
To fit us in
Though we are unwanted

The stories of my clothes
That I ignore
Because I want more
More, more
What are they for?
Recycling is a chore
Cycling even more

The wave of guilt
Of the animals I’ve killed
From the ideas instilled
Into my mind
And the fear isn’t noticed here
Where there is not guilt
Just life, love, laughter
No happy ever after
After the planet dies
The polar bear cries
And we stand aside
The world falls apart
And we forget the part
We played
In this decline
Because right now we feel fine
Despite crossing the line
Just pour another wine

Drink, don’t think
Of the loss
Or the cost
The planet is paying
For all we do
This is nothing new
If you’re worried or anxious
This isn’t for you

We’re lectured on fossil fuels
But how else
Would we fuel our wants
Or our planes
Forget the trains, we want to fly
Up high, high
Say hi to the birds
Chocking on the fumes
They unwittingly consume

The uncertain future looms
The impending doom
This will be over too soon

Image courtesy of Li-An Lim

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