Return Me to The Trees

A falling leaf and a broken branch,

everything makes a sound.

Soft earth like velvet, and so warm to touch;

embrace my soul,

entangle my roots.

Allow me this pleasure, this moment is mine.

Breathe in the wind and fill your lungs

the branches sing…

it’s time to join.

Everything has a purpose and the balance is fine,

sunlight confetti and whispering breeze.

Exalt the arrival –

or is it departure?

Time isn’t the same for the trees,

they know not of ends or beginnings,

their stories written together in the ground.

Let me be apart of the novel,

the epic and the saga.

I wish for my kin to shed and become a page of the story,

to join the library of peace.

Each leaf is a chapter to know and learn;

so send me back to the start,

to the end,

to the middle…

to where the peace I shall finally find.

Image courtesy of Asher Ward

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