see you soon

don’t say goodbye just yet

our time isn’t over

tell me that you’ll see me soon

so I can look at you and not have to wonder

because I feel the emptiness too much

it squeezes my throat and chokes my heart

I hear your absence and notice the space you clutched

beside me where you used to sleep

so see you soon I say

as I stop my tears from falling again

now you’re not here to catch the strays

like you did so many times back then

one day I’ll be with you

and tears of joy will fall

now give me the comfort of the lie

so I don’t have to face the truth

too weak to accept it but too strong to admit

that I am nothing without you

barely alive without my best bit

I love you too much for this

and I know you love me too

but all the words can’t comfort me

so see you soon my friend

Image courtesy of Paola Chaaya

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