How Dyeing My Hair Made Me Feel More Myself Than My Natural Hair Ever Could

I don’t know about you but my Pinterest, Instagram Discover page and photo gallery on my phone have always been stacked full of hair inspiration. Different colours, cuts, styles…the full works. But for a long time it has just been that, inspiration. Pictures destined for a life on my phone and not to be shown to a hairdresser.

For over three years, I had screenshots of copper hair photos scattered throughout my camera roll. These were initially prompted by Stacey Dooley’s appearance on Strictly and Angela Scanlon on The One Show – two gorgeous women with gingery, coppery hair. In my head, I was like I want that, but the reality was different. The screenshots lived on my phone for years…until September 2020.

In September, my hair salon was running free colour consultation sessions, so I decided that I should go to just talk it through with a professional and see whether this copper colour would actually work for me. We talked through all the options, we looked at all my photos of inspiration together and at the end of the appointment, my hairdresser said to me, “So, we’ll get you booked in then!”. I was shocked. I didn’t think this chat would end up heading to me dyeing my hair so fast; I was still unsure. But my hairdresser made a statement that I couldn’t argue with, “Well you’ve made it this far of coming into the salon, so you obviously want to do it, so why not?” and I thought ‘why not?’ Only been thinking about it for three years or so, it’s time to bite the bullet. (Plus, I was reassured that if I hated it, we can just put brown over the top of it to cover it up!)

So, I came back to the salon the Monday after the Friday consultation and we got started. The anxious wait after application began with me sat there, staring at myself in the mirror, covered in hair dye. No going back now. But once it was all washed out and styled, I didn’t want to go back, and in fact since then I haven’t. I love it.

Now, over the last year, I haven’t been able to get it done at the salon (for obvious reasons…), and instead had a couple of fun hair dye sessions at home, but what has stayed the same is the colour. Plus, I don’t think I want to go any other colour now. Copper is the colour I’m supposed to be. It is probably just my state of mind, but I feel more confident and I feel more myself, despite this colour not being my natural one. People have said to me how much it suits me, or even asking if it was my natural colour, and this naturally gives me a boost. I am so glad I took the step. Not to sound dramatic, but it has changed me in a good way. The hair colour has made me feel more myself than my natural hair colour ever has or ever would.

I would recommend to anyone thinking of giving a new hair colour a go, just to do it! Yes, it took me a while to get around to doing it, but now I just see that time as wasted time. So don’t waste any time if colouring your hair is something you want to try. But, a word of advice, go to a hairdresser who knows what they are doing – not everything went smoothly in our lockdown hair salon at home…

Image courtesy of Alex Motoc.

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