it is all too conspicuously beautiful

(this title is a reference to Saltwater, by Jessica Andrews)

In the dusky morning, I stretch

To conquer back the growling space

Around me, it’s overwhelming

How this silence weighs our home

The hasty melody of our thoughts

Swallowing my freedom, spitting it out

Through the cracks, I dig myself back

I dream of vast beaches and of expanding my limbs

In the cool waters

But do not look for me there, nor call

I do not feel, I do not talk

Looking for my true friends I rest

On the bright blue shore

And all these scattered loves are begging

To find a home back in me

I do not rest, I do not speak

I’m only in search

Of a new kingdom,

Of a new me.

Maëlle Leggiadro

Image courtesy of Glen Jackson

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