Why I’m Excited to be Back at My Local Coffee Shop

There’s nothing quite like going out for coffee if, like me, your home brewing skills peak at instant granules with hot water. I love the taste of warm, foamy milk shaped into intricate latte art leaves and hearts, the comforting hiss of the coffee machine amidst the hum of voices and the clink of teaspoons as they are set down on large saucers. So, following the opening of cafes for indoor dining, I have found myself appreciating cafes even more than usual. Here are my top 5 reasons why I love being back at my local coffee shop!

Socialising. Coffee shops have always been my go to spot to meet friends. Whether you’re laughing, crying, or taking that long sip to cover up the awkward silences, coffee is the best addition to any catch up. Also, it creates a great alternative to the pub! Now, don’t get me wrong I love a drink, but I sometimes find the pressure to drink in social situations to be a bit overwhelming.

Studying. Looking back at my time at university after completing my degree earlier this month, I don’t think I could have done it without the cosy little Caffe Nero on Canterbury High Street. My friends and I spent countless hours sitting at the uneven tables, littered with laptops, notebooks and empty coffee cups, as we began and finished our university assignments. However, when studying at a coffee shop, I will advise you to be careful of the music they play. Ours had a tendency to use very loud and sometimes distracting music to the point that one day the scat jazz they had chosen to play was so loud I gave up on my assignment entirely. 

Relaxing. When they’re not playing scat jazz, coffee shops are a great place to sit down and escape from the pressures of everyday life. Before moving home, I was able to explore the multitude of cafes Canterbury had to offer. A particular favourite of mine was Burgate Coffee, which was filled with quirky and cosy furnishings as well as offering a small outside seating area that looks out on the Cathedral Quarter. Here, I sat quietly with my coffee and simply people watched. I saw students, locals, and families as they passed, catching the odd end of a funny conversation or story, and the groups of tourists as they made their way through the Cathedral gardens.

The aesthetic. Coffee shops, especially independent ones, often have a warm and inviting setting made up of squishy arm chairs and eccentric wall art. Therefore, when on the hunt for a new coffee shop, these unique aesthetics make the act of exploring that much more fun. Also, it makes a great photo opportunity for Instagram!

Supporting your local independent coffee shop. Amidst the lockdowns faced by the UK over the past year, 92% of coffee shops have found themselves closed at some point. Therefore, by going to a local independent coffee shop, you can support the small businesses in your community as they get back on their feet after a tough year!

Image courtesy of Michal Parzuchowski.

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