Lyrics That Changed Me: Eternity, in Your Arms by Creeper

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Eternity, in Your Arms (often shortened to EIYA) is Southampton based band Creeper’s debut album, released in 2017. Though officially classified as horrorpunk, the album showcases a wide range of vocals, genres and emotions.

I fell in love with Creeper after seeing them support Neck Deep in April 2016 and have followed them as they released EIYA, through their 2018 breakup, and onto the success of their latest album Sex, Death and the Infinite Void.

‘Misery’ first appeared on Creeper’s earlier EP, The Stranger, but was reworked for EIYA and has since become their signature song. ‘Misery’ is the single memory I have from the first time I saw Creeper: upon hearing it I knew I had to stick around to see what they would do next.

Although the chorus is within the shout-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-and-cry-your-heart-out realm, it is the following verse which sends chills down my spine:

“I’m your chipped nail paint
I’m the fabric of your coat
You are all I fear
You are words I never wrote
You are years ago”

The build-up of tempo which leads to the final line of the verse transports the song from a sad ballad to an angry anthem. The passion within the band whilst they belt out the final line “You are years ago” has been phenomenal every time I’ve seen them perform it.

Room 309
In true Creeper fashion, the lyrics in this song focus on the ongoing pain of a break up. The idea of brokenness and abandonment are rife in this song, contrasting with the rapid drum beat throughout. The song’s final line questions ideas about fate, religion and belief, reinforcing the idea that, in the eyes of the world, we are often insignificant:

“If there’s a god up watching us I just can’t see
Then how could he build a world but still not fix you and me?”

‘Darling’ is one of the more fast paced songs on EIYA. Listening to the timbre of this song, it would be easy to assume the lyrics follow the same upbeat pattern. However, the opposite is true. With themes of break ups, loss and hurt, the lyrics depict a separation and the range of emotions that this presents.

“But baby, now we know the world is ending
And there’s no point in us pretending not to want to disappear
But I still lace my coffee with poison just to feel the hit
And I’ve been cheating death for years”

A special mention has to go to the following recurring lyrics in the song:

“You’re sick of me now
And I can’t blame you
I’m sick of myself too”

That final line “I’m sick of myself too” has just the right amount of self-deprecation; not quite pity but instead a mutual understanding of self-criticism that we so often feel.

Winona Forever
Although far from one of my favourites, ‘Winona Forever’ does deliver the following punch of a line:

“And it’s breaking me to see you so happy
I just want the worst for you”

I think everyone can relate to that feeling; outwardly seemingly like you’ve moved on while still feeling bitter or jealous of a life that didn’t happen. It’s a truth which isn’t frequently featured in media so hearing it belted out feels like the validation we sometimes need to know it’s okay not be okay.

I Choose to Live
In a similar vein to ‘Misery’, ‘I Choose to Live’ really pulls on the emotional heartstrings. Accompanied by a gentle piano backing, ‘I Choose to Live’ features a number of heart-breaking lines which, if you weren’t already feeling sad, really make you feel.

“Some days I feel like crying, and I know you feel it too
But life don’t seem as dark when I sing with you, with you

Oh, oh, oh, I choose to live
Oh, oh, oh, I choose to live”

The universal hurt felt in this song creates a tearful atmosphere each time it is performed. The lines “I choose to live” hits me hard every time. This is a song which is very vocal about struggles while also cementing itself as an anthem for hope.

Discovering Creeper was an absolute blessing. They ignited a fire within me that I had previously suppressed. Their songs give me anger, sadness and hope in equal measure. Creeper understood my angst when I discovered them at 17 years old.

The songs from EIYA have accompanied me through many years of changing circumstances, and yet still my emotions remain the same; I still love EIYA with my whole heart.

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