New Music Radar: June 26th – July 2nd 2021

Willow – ‘Lipstick’

After the TikTok viral hit, ‘t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l’, Willow is continuing the punk vibes on ‘Lipstick’. This single is off her new album, Lately I Feel EVERYTHING (out July 16th). The accompanying music video is memorizing. 

Poppy – ‘Her’ 

Poppy is thriving within the metal scene. The industrial rock/metal with nu-metal vibes brings us back to the 2000s. Poppy’s quirkiness and detail to performance is the key to her success. ‘Her’ is angst rock and grunge paired with lyrics challenging power dynamics.  This single is being compared to Nirvana, but it’s more in line with the female-fronted bands during that time frame. The cool thing about Poppy is that her music can be interpreted differently with each listener.

Best Coast – ‘Boyfriend’ (10th Anniversary Edition)

The original ‘Boyfriend’ track off Best Coast’s debut album, Crazy For You, was a major success. The newer version was released last summer via Bandcamp. All proceeds went to The Trevor Project. Now for Pride 2021, it’s available on all streaming services. The 10th Anniversary Edition is more inclusive due to tweaks to the lyrics, starting right away: “I wish he was my boyfriend / I wish she was my girlfriend”. The newer version also sounds brighter and louder. Proud. 

Faye Webster – I Know I’m Funny haha

Faye Webster’s I Know I’m Funny haha, is the perfect chill album to play on a summer evening. The lyrics are honest and the music is reminiscent of the 1960s/1970s. It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact genre… folk with lounge/retro vibes. That fluidity makes this artist and album interesting. 

beabadoobee – Our Extended Play

Our Extended Play by beabadoobee is the follow up to Fake Flowers (released last Fall). Bea Kristi’s bedroom pop plays on the early 2000s angst vibe that is much needed for now. Her lyrics are painfully relatable.

Image courtesy of Simon Noh.

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