Why I Think Everybody Should Cut Their Hair Short At Least Once

Growing up, I always had very long hair. It reached the point where it was my defining factor; I was the girl with very long, blonde hair.

I loved my long hair but once I reached sixteen, I realised I had never really given a second thought to my hair; it simply existed and occasionally, I got it trimmed. I’d never really made an active decision about my hair and I definitely hadn’t had any adventurous haircuts.

Over the next two years, I gradually got my hair cut shorter and shorter each time I visited my hairdresser. Then, a week before I moved to university, I got it cut shorter than I ever had before. I took the plunge and cut it just above my shoulders: I loved it. I felt like a completely different person. In the end, it was university that changed me as a person, but it was that first haircut which gave me the push I needed.

Long hair had accompanied me through years of change, negativity and school. That pre-university hair cut allowed me to cut ties from the person I had grown out of. It was like turning over a new leaf and was the best thing I could’ve done.

Cutting your hair can be very freeing, especially if you’ve always had longer hair or a haircut that you’ve not actively chosen. It allows you to have some control over your appearance and style.

Not having my hair get in my way all the time was a blessing. No longer did I need to tie it back; I could simply slide a head band in to keep it out of my eyes. The maintenance of short hair is another plus; an hour to dry compared to a previous four hour drying session is wonderful. It saves on shampoo, time and energy.

Expressing yourself
If you’ve always had the same or similar hairstyles, making a change can help you become more creative in what you’re doing with it. When I cut my hair short, it largely meant I didn’t have to do anything to it, but I also discovered the short length meant previous hairstyles no longer worked so I had to experiment with new ideas.

It helped me to understand my identity, and I knew that I didn’t want to ever again be defined by my hair. My haircut made me feel young and cool, and even if that wasn’t a true reflection of who I was, it was a reflection of who I wanted to be.

It’s not permanent
Sometimes we just get bored of things and want a change. There are many ways people can initiate this change; some might get a tattoo, others might dye their hair and some might get a haircut. Of the options mentioned, a haircut is definitely the ‘safest’ and most temporary option. Haircuts are a good way to experiment with changing your style as, even if it looks awful, it won’t be that way forever.

I really think everyone should cut their hair short once in their lives – or else make some other change to it. Cutting my hair short was the most freeing thing I’ve done and I don’t regret it one bit.

Image courtesy of Toa Heftiba.

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