New Music Radar: June 11th – 18th

Lorde – ‘Solar Power’

After four years, Lorde returns with a new track ‘Solar Power’ from her upcoming third album (also called Solar Power). This song is the perfect song for Lorde’s return. It’s a great transition from spring into summer. It’s also a shift from pandemic darkness to the (hopefully) bright future. ‘Solar Power’ gives us a preview of the new Lorde.

Soccer Mommy – ‘Kissing In The Rain’

Soccer Mommy released ‘Kissing In The Rain’, her latest song that’s featured on Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack. A sad love song; Soccer Mommy’s modus operandi. However, it stands out in comparison to the rest of her music catalogue. There’s a cinematic quality to the song. The listener is transported to a scene in their own life. ‘Kissing In The Rain’ captures that moment of falling apart. 

Garbage – No Gods No Masters

Garbage is staying true to their roots with their seventh studio album. Within each album, the lyrics and beats are relevant to the time you’re listening to it. And when you revisit their older work, the music still connects to the listener. No Gods No Masters touches on topics ranging from sexism, racism, and power dynamics. The driving beats are hypnotic thanks to Garbage’s unique blend of alternative/industrial rock. 

Sleater-Kinney – Path of Wellness

Sleater-Kinney returns as a duo yet again. Path Of Wellness is their first recorded album without their drummer, Janet Weiss, who left right before the release of their last album, The Center Won’t Hold. On the new album, there’s a seamless back and forth between Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker. Which is no surprise after being in a band together for several decades. The new album is fresh yet there’s a few elements that’s classic Sleater-Kinney. Ten albums in, there’s still an excitement for new music from this band.

Image courtesy of Simon Noh.

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