What I’m Wearing to My First Club Night

Club nights have long felt like a distant memory, but as the proposed June 21st re-opening of clubs looms, one familiar question is becoming more and more frequent: what are you going to wear?

For the past year, online social events such as group calls and quizzes have given me the chance to revisit my wardrobe and make more of an effort to wear some neglected clothes. I have been able to trial outfits which have always felt a bit out of my comfort zone with low risk – there is always the option to get changed or simply turn my camera off.

But as the prospect of IRL social events becomes greater, the fear around choosing an outfit is coming back, so I’m trying to get ahead of the game and plan some outfits out now to save the stress later. As someone who usually does a minimum of five outfit changes per social event, I think this is probably a good idea.

When I first venture back out to a club, I want to look my best but I also want to feel confident doing so. This is the outfit that I think ticks both those boxes:

Culottes are probably responsible for about half my trouser collection so I have a lot of choice here. The pair I plan to wear when clubs reopen are black and pleated with blue and orange flowers on them, but most importantly are very light. They are long enough that I won’t freeze while walking to the club while also being loose enough that I’m not worried about overheating once I’m there. As I go out more I might begin reaching for skirts again but for my first night out culottes feel like a comfortable and casual enough option.

Black crop top
A classic choice; simple, versatile and safe. My personal black crop top of choice is a charity shop gem I found in first year and have neglected ever since. It has quite a sheer cut which has always felt a bit too ‘much’ and has never quite aligned with my confidence levels in the past. But after some DIY and creative thinking, I’ve finally found a way to make it work while limiting the chances of it revealing too much – and I’ve realised that not only do I love it but it looks really good too.

Black vans
Perhaps a basic and boring choice to re-enter the world with but my black vans will be my shoe of choice when I go back out, if for no other reason than the comfort and stability. Though I have missed dressing up and wearing heels, I have not missed the pain or the blisters or feeling unsteady on my feet. Pumps are a much more practical option for me, especially when considering that long walk into town and back.

I’ve spent many years wearing safe and comfortable outfits on repeat so if there was ever a time to try something new it’s now. After spending so long inside, I am confident I won’t be the only one dressing adventurously when places reopen – and that is a reassuring thought. The excitement of seeing friends again will probably override any outfit related worries but it’s always nice to be prepared anyway.

When clubs reopen I want to look my best, but more importantly I want to feel my best, and I know just the outfit to help with that.

See you in the club (I’ll be the one in culottes, a black top and pumps).

Image courtesy of Alexander Popov.

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