It Is Time We Got Rid of the Monarchy

The opinions expressed in this article are that of the author and are not representative of the views of The Hysteria Collective as a whole.

The British Monarchy has had its fair share of explosive incidents this year and overall has monopolised the media for this whole year. And I have had enough of it. Why are we giving the time of day to an outdated, oppressive and useless system? 

I always hear the argument that the Royal Family does so much for tourism, which generates copious amounts of money. However, by doing some research, it becomes clear that compared to other sectors, the Royal Family falls quite short on their economic value. It is believed that the money generated by the monarchy, thanks mostly to tourists, is around £1.8 billion each year, which seems like a lot at face value. But in comparison to the Arts, which brought in an estimated amount of £21.2 billion in 2016 alone, the monarchy really isn’t all that beneficial to our economy. I never really hear anyone above the age of 45 howling about how creative industries must be saved and that they are essential for our success as a country. Funny that…

I’m sure that you have some knowledge of the Meghan Markle ‘scandal’ by now. When the infamous interview was aired, I was honestly shocked by the amount of people who were surprised about Markle expressing the fact that the Royal Family had concerns about the colour of her son’s skin. I thought it was common knowledge that the monarchy has a long history of racism. The media’s portrayal of Markle compared to Kate Middleton alone should have been a warning sign that the Royal Family were pulling strings behind closed doors to possibly ruin the future marriage. 

Their problematic ties to colonialism have only been heightened by this situation but the monarchy still tackfully avoids mentioning its dark past. The inescapable media coverage of the death of Prince Philip never once talked about his blatantly racist remarks that he would make throughout his royal visits with the Queen. It is impossible for these news outlets to have missed his comments whilst digging up his various endeavours. By not acknowledging his controversial past, the media has only further confirmed the institutional racism that has been built into the UK for centuries. 

For the foreseeable future, monarchs in the UK will continue to be white due to their harassment of anyone who isn’t ‘bred’ to their liking. The majority of young people in Britain strongly believe that the Royal Family stands as a symbol that this country has only changed its ways for publicity and that on the inside, it is still built to work against ethnic minorities and to limit their opportunities. For me, it is about time that we get rid of the monarchy and stop pretending that the Royal Family is such an asset to this country, when really it does more harm than good.

Image courtesy of Hulki Okan Tabak.

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