You Know I’m Lying

Finding casual chaos in my cracked crystal ball

and tasting that the flowers are bitter if the grass seems greener.

Question my mortality whilst I walk the Styx,

Irony’s kiss grazing my neck and leaving the taste of petals.

Words fall from my mind but bare no weight,

I tell you what your ears desire, even if its true as gods.

We know the truth inside but leave it at silence,

It’s uncomfortable to argue when this way is simple.

Stable like leaves in the wind and focused like a seeing glass too far;

from ball to stones i swallow my crystals, hoping for release.

Heartbeat in my eyes and fingers float like dust,

regret my decision but see the journey through.

Don’t tell them I’m lost because the wanderers are stolen,

my life decided, controlled, mapped out ahead of me –

but the path is hidden and the ground is dangerous.

The light too bright and my eyes too big,

I stumble forward, using my lies to hold me up,

lies that you provide, lies that you desire

Image courtesy of Warren Wong.

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