New Music Radar: May 28th – June 4th

Billie Eilish – ‘Lost Cause’

‘Lost Cause’ is the fourth single released from Billie Eilish’s highly anticipated album, Happier Than Ever. A low key song that hits hard with the lyrics about moving on. The music video shows more of Eilish’s shift in personal style and a chill confidence.

Japanese Breakfast – Jubilee

Japanese Breakfast (Michelle Zauner) is back with her third album, Jubilee. Her first two albums were created around her mother, through cancer treatments and then processing the grief from losing her mother. With Jubilee, Michelle Zauner is transitioning to the next place in her life. The entire album is a masterpiece of interesting instrumentals and hopeful lyrics.

CHVRCHES – ‘How Not to Drown’ (feat. Robert Smith)

‘How Not to Drown’ is the second single from CHVRCHES’s upcoming album, Screen Violence. Robert Smith (The Cure) is featured on this track and it’s the collaboration we didn’t know that we needed right now. There’s a flawless back and forth between the styles of music that is addicting. 

Bachelor – Doomin’ Sun

Bachelor is the debut collaboration between Jay Som (Melina Duterte ) and Palehorse (Ellen Kempner).The album, Doomin’ Sun, is more than a collaboration between artists. The album is the product of a friendship that developed over time from being fans of each other’s music. Covering a wide range of topics such as queerness and climate change, this album is great to throw on anytime this summer. Once you’re finished, definitely check out both of their discographies.

Image courtesy of Simon Noh.

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