Best Friends Forever

The real best friends are the ones with paws,

the ones that run to you at the door,

and follow you down the stairs,

chasing your feet and hitting your leg.

Just three best friends playing in the sun,

running round and falling down,

relaxing in the evening now exhausted,

cuddling on the bed until the day comes back.

Three best friends make happiness real,

excitement to come home to,

no matter the day behind you,

as they lick the tears away.

Two best friends, one had her time,

we miss her both but she knew the way –

she watches us now from the rainbow bridge,

running free forever more.

Just the two of us and closer than ever,

with me each night and waiting each day.

We remember our friend together,

and play the games we used to together.

Soon it will be just one friend left,

they’ll make new best friends in their life –

but the first two will always be the best,

because they taught them how to love the rest.

It hurts to say goodbye to best friends –

you dont want it to be real.

We wish they lived forever,

but in our hearts – they do.

Image courtesy of Alvan Nee

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