‘Queen’ by Lemon Lord – Newest Feminist Ballad

Lemon Lord is a pop artist based in LA. And if you’re looking for new songs by talented women to add to that 2021 summer playlist, her single ‘Queen’ is a must.

As the title implies, the single details a feminist, confidence-boosting experience as Lemon Lord repeats, “you just gotta live life like a Queen”. You can listen to this on two levels – as a reminder to yourself to ‘live life like a Queen’ and don’t take any less than you deserve, or singing it to a loved one who also needs that reminder. The loving optimism of this single is its defining feature.

Away from its feel-good lyrics, the chorus is also catchy, due to its repetitive melody line. Though unadventurous, as it remains within the same few notes, it is simply impossible to not sing along after you’ve heard the single just once.

‘Queen’ possesses a sort of 00s nostalgia, something we got from Britney Spears in her peak. The synths, which accompany the solo voice of Lemon Lord throughout, are the type you expect to hear in a song made for the club.

This might just be your next summer anthem. Remember to support female artists, and check out ‘Queen’ below.

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