Palestine is Proof That Colonialism Never Ended

The opinions expressed in this piece are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of The Hysteria Collective as a whole.

Israel on one side – Palestine on the other. 

America on Israel’s side – no one on the other. 

Nobody is calling the governments funding Israel’s armies terrorists, yet the second a world leader calls for the defence of Palestine, they instantly become an anti-Semite. 

Wherever the money is wherever the capitalist backing is – they are the heroes in the eyes of the media. Anyone who speaks out against an American ally is the enemy. No matter how many people that alliance kills or how disruptive they are to states they should have nothing to do with. In the eyes of the history books moving forward, they will always be the hero. 

Once again the target of our hatred is the Muslim community, who suffer tirelessly at the hands of the powerful ‘west’ who are ruthlessly aiming to scapegoat them as they carry out their capitalist agenda. 

As we continue to enable the white-washing of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we must remember that the only victory is a victory in which Israel retreats and puts down their weapons. It is only a victory when blood stops being shed and Palestinians are allowed to live on their own land, on their own terms. Freely and without fear. 

To speak up against the Israeli-American agenda is not to speak up against Judaism. To defend Palestine does not create Anti-Semitism. This is an issue of corruption, power and another form of modern-day American colonialism. Anti-Semitic rhetoric surrounding this issue was created to scare people against speaking out and Muslims once again are being used to excuse American terrorism – after all, most of the world still believe them to be the cause of all of the world’s problems. 

But until we allow countries to stand on their own two feet and don’t dangle carrots in the form of loans, military aid and weapons in front of them, America will continue to terrorise, monopolise and dominate countries who struggle to compete under the pressures of the world stage and capitalist expectations of what it means to survive.

Image courtesy of Latrach Med Jamil.

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