Read 2:15

A: don’t lie to me

a: then I won’t say a word

A: you need to sleep

a: I’ll sleep in the end

A: I told you that the start is soon

a: which means the end is first

A: why hang on when the music has finished

a: because the show was my favourite

A: you know that’s not true, I said not to lie

a: don’t tell me what to do

A: don’t tell me how to feel

a: you know we don’t choose

A: when you wake up it’ll be gone

a: and what will be left

A: you know what we will have waiting

A: she’ll always be waiting for us in the morning

A: so wait for the sun and remember us

A: remember our life and remember our dreams

A: are you there

A: are you here



Image courtesy of Manuel Del Moral.

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