Why I’m Not Losing Weight for the 21st of June

Content warning: mention of weight loss, diets, body image.

Since the Prime Minster’s announcement that clubs/festivals/etc. will open on the 21st of June, social media has been flooded with diet ads, fatphobia, and people lusting over their post-pandemic body. People have been sharing weight-loss tips and fitness programmes sending people once again into ‘summer body’ panic.

It’s internalised into us, ‘summer glow up’ pressures exist whether the pandemic does but after being locked inside in months, the strain has intensified. Toxic diet culture latches onto insecurity – but is definitely the last thing we need after a year of fear, sadness, and loneliness. This summer should be about enjoying life again, not losing weight to try and ‘look perfect’. Because guess what? You already look perfect – numbers on a scale don’t change that.

‘Hot girl summer’ is not synonymous with being skinny. Being hot is a state of mind and confidence – nothing to do with the way your body looks. You shouldn’t lose weight in order to validate yourself on June 21st, losing weight can deprive you of your physical and mental health. If you want to exercise, eat cleaner etc. because it will make you happy, then sure! But, if you want to do these things in order to have an ‘ideal body type’ which is unattainable, it’s time to start loving yourself for the beautiful body you’ve already got.

Create summer goals that are not based on your weight – instead, find things that you want to do. Want to go clubbing with your friends? Do it. Fancy going on a seaside walk? Write it down. Enjoy reading alone? Time to stock up and head to your local bookshop. Look after yourself so you can do these things. Staying hydrated and nourished comes first.

For this reason, I’m not losing weight for June 21st. Instead I’m going to love my post-pandemic body because it’s been through a difficult time and deserves to enjoy life post lockdown without worry.

Image courtesy of Maddi Bazzocco.

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