the rain reminds me of you

The rain reminds me of you
Not in the way it delicately falls
To make a movie more romantic
But the aftermath
The feeling of being soaked (and subsequently pissed off)
The feeling that you’ve irritated me
The way you stick around when you’re not wanted
And how you ruin the most perfect plans

Each day I am forced to check the weather
To ensure I don’t get caught in the storm
Preparing myself for a downpour, even on the sunny days
I know some days you lurk, waiting for the perfect moment to explode
Hoping for maximum impact; total disruption

Other days you are a constant
The light drizzle that clouds the sky
From my room I can barely see you
But if I stood outside for an hour I’d be drenched
And you want to tempt me outside, to ruin yet another day

You inconvenience my life, in more ways than one
And I am constantly finding myself in a shower of your emotions
I could move elsewhere, a drier country
But wouldn’t I miss the rain, hasn’t it become a part of this life?
Rain doesn’t have to be bad (so why do you make it so awful?)

Image courtesy of Freddie Marriage.

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