There will come a day when our calendar will once again be littered with plans
When we can pop round to see family for a quick cuppa on a Sunday
And plan our outfits to weddings a year in advance

Someday meeting our friends won’t mean braving the cold for brief walks
But going round for an evening of dinner, drinks and laughs
Cuddled up on the sofa, comforted by human contact

One day summer holidays will return as the highlight of our year
The stress of online bookings and expensive planning will be welcomed
Offering us a breather from a life that has become so repetitive

There will come a day when we will be back out dancing the night away
Staying until close, grabbing some chips and staggering home
Before nursing Sunday hangovers with daytime tv and dominos

Someday our day trips and adventures will resume
Visiting the places we dreamed of, making memories to cherish
Maybe it will rain but we will be thankful to be outdoors

One day we will be free to enjoy live music once more
It will be hot and loud and late but it will fill our hearts with joy
Singing at the top of our lungs, feeling happiness we thought would never return

There will come a day when we will go out for dinner with friends
And as the hours drift away we will wish this night would last forever
Though we will seek solace in knowing there will be more nights; it’s time for bed

Someday we will have to cancel our plans among the chaos of life
It’ll be okay to sit this one out because the opportunities will be endless
We will send a text full of regret but we will promise to meet up soon

One day this will all just be a distant memory; a bad dream
We will reminisce on this time when our lives were put on hold
And we will be even more grateful for what we have, for who we love

Someday is close
It’s not today, nor tomorrow
But it’s coming
Hold on

Someday will come

Image courtesy of Farrinni on Unsplash.

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