little things that make me smile

2020/2021 has been a struggle, but here are some happy little things that happen often which make me 🙂

when you’re walking along the pavement and you smile at someone’s dog, and the owner looks at you with a grin like ‘yes, that’s my best friend.’

the background noise of chatter in a coffee shop

the little ‘woo’ noise people make when popping the cork on a celebratory bottle of champagne

a ‘hey i miss you :)’ text

when somebody has photos up in their bedroom and for a brief second you get a snapshot of their past

that feeling when you open a new book

when somebody stumbles over their words when talking about something they are passionate about

everyday success stories i.e. ‘i cleaned my room today’ or ‘i made such a lovely dinner!’

when somebody has positive affirmations written on little yellow post-it notes

(i have to say it) a warm cup of tea

when you’re holding hands and they softly stroke you with their thumb

when people hold up ‘welcome home’ signs at the airports

people who bop their feet about when listening to music on the bus, because you know that all they want to do is dance

dad jokes

watching a sunset with somebody you love, knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be

Image courtesy of Nick Fewings.

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