You Were Meant to be My Friend

You were meant to be there

A presence I should never have to request

A role you wouldn’t need to act

And yet.

Excuse after excuse excused you

Forgiven but not forgotten

Every second chance given and never counted

They’ll always be there for you, they said

They’ll be there when it counts

And yet.

I’ve cried too many times, which you saw but refused to see

Physically shaking inside a calm relaxed exterior sat next you

You listened only to pick holes, fighting back on every syllable, arguing when I wanted to discuss

You said you’d never judge

And yet.

Months have passed and we’ve barely spoken

I’ve tried to reach out but with no success

Word by word I am trying to rebuild whatever is left of this friendship

You said you’d always reply

And yet.

You were a friend.

You were meant to be a friend

You were supposed to be my friend

I thought you were my best friend.

And yet.

Image courtesy of Hannah Rodrigo.

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