5 Best Podcasts to Cure the Lockdown Blues

If you had asked me a year ago to listen to a podcast I probably would have laughed – rude, I know! But prior to lockdown, podcasts were never in my radar; I never had the time and if I wanted to listen to something, I always picked music.

However, lockdown meant I had so much more free time and after a while, I started to run out of things to watch on Netflix and playing Sims 4 started to feel tedious (it’s time for an upgrade EA). I started watching podcasts to kill time at first, but eventually fell into the podcast trap – I can’t get enough of them!

So, here are my favourite podcasts to listen to at the moment. I 100% recommend you give them a go to cure lockdown blues:

Grounded With Louis Theroux

Like many others, I’m a huge fan of Louis Theroux and his documentaries on the BBC. So when I found out he had made a podcast I was excited to say the least. Theroux uses his podcast to interview various celebrities and he always knows the right questions to ask – however awkward they may be.

This podcast is available on BBC sounds.

Brown Girls Do It Too

Poppy, Rubina and Roya are dynamic in their unapologetic discussions of sex, race, identity, gender and so much more. They are able to have important conversations whilst still being incredibly funny.

Available on BBC sounds.

The Girls Bathroom

Sophia and Cinzia are lifelong best friends and YouTube stars. If you are looking for a fun but real chat that feels like you are getting ready for a night out with friends, then this is the podcast for you!

Available on Spotify .

Stuff you should know podcast

It says it in the title! If you want to learn about Rosa Parks, how lighthouses work, hydropower, the science of cute, and more then Chuck and Josh have you covered. They have both short and long podcasts for your learning needs.

Available on Spotify.

The Times News Briefing

Sounds boring, I know, but for a journalist this has become such an important part of my day. It’s nice to listen to whilst making a coffee or a tea in the morning and can keep you informed in a short amount of time.

Available on Spotify.

I hope these podcasts are of some interest to you. When it comes to podcasts, I’ll always recommend giving them a try. For someone with a small attention span, podcasts were daunting but they are great. They are amazing when I need a laugh or when I want to learn something new! Hopefully these podcasts will help you out of the lockdown rut.

Image courtesy of Melanie Pongratz.

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