About Missing You

Growing up we forget the unabashed easiness of stepping from one world to another. Yet the universe likes to remind us it embodies many things at once – your freedom to see them or not.
From the thunder jolting our walls to the clouds dispatching in the sky like cotton candy.
From your everyday presence
to this silence omnipresence
as soon as the train leaves the platform.
The thing is, someone must always leave
in the end
rather by choice or fate
please let it be me again.
Although I know I’m going to miss you differently now. Like an every-second type of feeling, like the echo of my breathing that doesn’t meet yours anymore in the apartment. Like the shape of your back in the morning when I wake up. Like your hands on me. Like a shield, a piece of paradise, a door open on something new. And I know we worry a lot but I can’t blame ourselves. Something within me changed, like if the padlocks around my heart and mind were falling down with the rhythmic sound of a metal river.

Image courtesy of Martha Dominguez de Gouveia.

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