My Experience of Couch to 5k: One Third There

I started Couch to 5k three weeks ago. 

It is sort of fun so far. 

Jo is still my buddy and good company, although I feel like a less exclusive friend than I originally hyped myself up to be. Slightly disappointing that she repeats herself on 2 runs in a week, but I have found this to be comforting at times, knowing she will interrupt my music to let me know that I am nearly there.

I’ve now completed week 3, having been out earlier today in a bracing 1 degree. That’s 9 sessions, with about 48 intervals of running. The maximum run I have managed is 3 minutes before Jo kindly let me slow to a ‘brisk walk’.

Since the first run at the seafront I have instead been leaving the house to pound the local roads to make the session before the sun goes down after work. A morning run on a day off really does set you up for the day – as Jo states. However, a highlight has been jogging with icy rain in my face with Salt-N-Pepa’s ‘Push It’ blasting out. I love not knowing what will come next on my shuffled playlist and I have got into a good routine of turning it well up for the runs – to drown out the pain, some may say…

Having been stocking up from Facebook Marketplace on second-hand running clothing, I now have a nice selection of leggings, running tops (they even have thumb holes) and some £5 running shoes. My favourite (and much needed currently) is the headband that covers my ears – and even has a ponytail hole! This is a whole new world of clothing for me and I am caring less and less about what I may look like to any onlookers.

Seriously, though, the programme is very well designed and is surprisingly manageable so far.

I just made the mistake of looking ahead to what week 4 will involve though… 5 minutes running – eek!

Image courtesy of Alex McCarthy.

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