Drugs Awareness Week: My Positive Experience with Ket

All posts are from anonymous contributors to our platform. While The Hysteria Collective does not endorse drug-use, we believe that judgement-free education and resources can only have a positive impact on the safety and welfare of others. We’re not all massive druggos, we swear.

Colloquial name of drug: Ket

Scientific name of drug: Ketamine

Type of experience: Positive

Location: At a zoo and the cinema

Who I took it with: Boyfriend and friends

My experience:

Pandas are pretty useless but undeniably cute. That year they had arrived at Edinburgh Zoo and we were gonna take a gander.

The bus to Edinburgh was sedate enough, the last twenty minutes or so offering plenty of opportunity to goggle at the town and its myriad of twee shops and statues and alleyways. It was then that we swallowed our bombs of ketamine.

I can’t tell you exactly when I first started feeling the fuzzy effects, but being greeted by a roaming baby armadillo at the gates certainly helped. The keeper was already deep in presenter-mode, gesticulating wildly to the semi-circle of kids around her. This would be a theme of the day – us lot trying to balance wanting to pelt the keepers with excitable questions whilst also not literally shoving kids out of the way.

I can’t recall a lot of the exhibits, but I do know we were thorough in our exploration, ticking off enclosures on the map and reading every sign and plaque.

The moment we stepped into the insect and reptile house, though; that I remember distinctly. The experience of the insect half of the house was 360 degrees, fluttering and bouncing and flashing of colours in every quadrant of vision. Rotting fruit stood on pedestals for butterflies and the like to nibble on yet the smell wasn’t unpleasant – it was thick cloudy sweet. My senses were warm and hazy and intense and I felt like everything had been leading up to this point, that I was in exactly the right place at the right time. It was just me, my boyfriend and my closest friends in this place together, absorbed by the breath-taking variety of species. As we walked through to the reptile half, there was a lone keeper who enthusiastically answered all of our questions and it again just felt perfect that we had her undivided attention.

Then, what we had come for. The fuzzy black and white bears. We had to queue and were shepherded into a room with a huge glass window that gave us an unspoiled view of the pandas. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling claustrophobic at this point. We waited behind afterwards for the other folk to clear and chatted at length with the keeper of that enclosure who we saw again on the bus home – on that journey he casually mentioned that he went to Bongo nights which telt us that he kent we were on drugs and he did drugs too! He was really sound.

Once we arrived back in our uni town, we took more ket bombs and smoked some joints behind a hill. We didn’t want the day to be over yet so we thought it would be a laugh to go to the local cinema. The film we saw that night none of us have watched since…we all agree it would ruin the magic of what happened in that cinema. How much was the bizarre fantasy film and how much was the ket, we will never know. But – I thought for a while that their costumes were made of china and kept getting confused as to how they were also moving and me and a friend shared a wee tub of ice cream – it was maaaad. It was like it didn’t have the texture or temperature of ice cream at all but it was still so pleasant and both of us sat on the floor rather than the seats because for some reason that was what we needed at that time.

We all went home and cuddled up with each other and had plenty of cups of tea and sleep. By that point, I was sure the warm fuzzy feeling was from my lovely group of friends and a braw day out rather than the remaining drugs in my system.

Advice to others:

You can snort it, but bombs are the way to go. You can use a cigarette skin to put the powder in and use the glue side to twist and stick it together to make a little wonton-looking shape. Swallow with water. It will take longer to take effect, but the come up is gentler and the effects last longer.

Enjoyment ranking: 10/10

What I wish I’d known:

It can make you sweaty and faint so don’t take too much on your first try. It messes with your depth perception so it is only fun in reasonable doses.

Would I take it again?


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