Drugs Awareness Week: My Positive Experience with Alcohol

All posts are from anonymous contributors to our platform. While The Hysteria Collective does not endorse drug-use, we believe that judgement-free education and resources can only have a positive impact on the safety and welfare of others. We’re not all massive druggos, we swear.

Colloquial name of drug: Alcohol

Scientific name of drug: Alcohol/ethanol

Type of experience: Positive/Mixed

Location: Pub/club/garden/field/park/home

Who I took it with: Friends, Family, Strangers-Turned-Friends

My experience:

Alcohol is very much a double-edged sword. When I first came to university, I was overtly careful to never get too drunk, to always remember how to get home, to look after everyone else I was with. This worked, for the most part, until I got comfortable. Some of the worst experiences of my life have been because of alcohol.

But so have some of the best experiences too. I met one of my best friends the very first night of Freshers because she was lost and she recognised our Halls t-shirts. Filled with alco-pops and adrenaline, we made plans the next day, and guess what? We kept them, and five years and a continent between us, we’re still friends.

I am more spontaneous when I’ve had a drink, more likely to talk to strangers (don’t tell those little rubbers you used to get in primary school), more likely to tell friends I love them. I’ve played frisbee with strangers-turned-friends after a tinny in the park. I’ve sung karaoke to a packed Stags with my arms around acquaintances. I told my partner I loved him for the first time because I looked at him, and with the gentle haze of alcohol, I knew, and I wasn’t scared to say it.

I’ve loved going out for drinks with friends, sipping each other’s cocktails and regaling stories over pints. The only way I’ll voluntarily sit through a football match is with a beer in hand, only so I can yell out wildly inaccurate commentary and make everyone around me laugh. I love trying new gins with my mum and cooking with wine (both in the food and in my mouth).

Do I wish I could do all of these things without alcohol? Yes. I absolutely do. Now that I’ve graduated university, the difference in drinking culture compared to the “real world” is stark, and I’m working hard to cut back on my drinking. But we’re also in the midst of a pandemic, and learning how to make the perfect pornstar martini has made lockdown just a little easier.

Advice to others: Don’t take it for granted; alcohol is a drug, and it can be extremely dangerous. Always stick with friends, always make sure you know home to get home, and always try to stick to your limits.

If you haven’t, then drink a shitload of water and make sure someone is there to look after you.

Enjoyment ranking: 8/10

What I wish I’d known: Mixing drinks is the easiest way to a hangover. Gin and tea is surprisingly nice. Nothing good has ever come from drinking shots.

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