Drugs Awareness Week: My Mixed Experience with Weed

All posts are from anonymous contributors to our platform. While The Hysteria Collective does not endorse drug-use, we believe that judgement-free education and resources can only have a positive impact on the safety and welfare of others. We’re not all massive druggos, we swear.

Colloquial name of drug: Weed

Scientific name of drug: Marijuana/Cannabis

Type of experience: Mixed

Mg/dose (if known): Not sure, 2 brownies and a joint

Location: Coffee shop in Amsterdam

Who I took it with: Two friends

My experience:

Of the three of us, one of my friends was a seasoned stoner, I had smoked a few times before and for the third it was her first and only time having weed. It was all of our first time trying edibles and we didn’t realise how long they would take to kick in so we all had more than we should have. For the seasoned stoner she just got mad munchies and surrounded herself with snacks. The first-timer felt like she was going to throw up and spent a long time not moving in case she did. In the end she didn’t throw up, but I don’t think it’s an experience she cares to repeat.

I found I got incredibly giggly and despite trying to look after the first-timer, I couldn’t be as serious as she might’ve needed. After a while my feet started tingling and I felt like my body was pulsing which was a deeply uncomfortable feeling. Then I struggled to fall asleep (usually weed gives me the best sleep I’ve had) because I thought that the pulsing might kill me in my sleep if I couldn’t monitor it. All in all, we were an absolute mess of a group and depending on who you asked, they might recommend it.

Advice to others:

If you’re having edibles, give them a chance to kick in before doubling up. Edibles are fun but too much is just uncomfortable. Also, make sure you have enough snacks and water handy; chances are you will be hungry and you will get drymouth.

Enjoyment ranking: 6/10

What I wish I’d known: Edibles can take anywhere up to a few hours to kick in, and you can have too much weed.

Would I take it again? Definitely. I have since multiple times but I’m always careful to wait with edibles now.

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