A poem to someone I’m missing today

Missing you has become routine

Another factor to contend with each day

Though it is becoming an ache in my body

An empty side of the bed

It’s the mundane stuff I miss:

Lazing around

Watching films

Long train journeys

And all the filler bits

The doing nothing which means something

And some days that means everything

I hope I don’t ever tire of dancing around whilst you cook

Or Sundays spent reading next to you

I don’t want to miss you anymore

I want to come home to your smile

And be wrapped in your arms

I hope soon I can miss you simply because you’re in the next room

Not the next town

I hope the feeling lasts mere minutes

Not months

The distance won’t be forever

But tonight I feel so far from you

As I sit here

Missing you still

Image courtesy of Kinga Chichewicz.

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