Drugs Awareness Week: My Positive Experience with Weed 2

All posts are from anonymous contributors to our platform. While The Hysteria Collective does not endorse drug-use, we believe that judgement-free education and resources can only have a positive impact on the safety and welfare of others. We’re not all massive druggos, we swear.

Colloquial name of drug: Weed

Scientific name of drug: Marijuana/Cannabis

Type of experience: Positive

Location: In uni halls/uni houses

Who I took it with: Friends

My experience:

Throughout university, I’ve been incredibly lucky; I’ve never had a bad relationship or experience with weed. I know a lot of people who have, and a lot of friends who bordered on dependency. For me, though, weed has always been an enjoyable alternative to alcohol, without the hangover and the bad decision-making.

I’ve only ever used drugs with friends and never on my own. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know my limits, and therefore don’t trust myself to use alone. Every time I’ve done weed, it’s been with more experienced friends in a relaxed environment, usually in halls or a mate’s house.

For me, weed makes me calm; I often overthink and feel like I have a thousand tabs open in my head, but weed stops all of that and lets my focus on one thing or feeling at a time. My eyes tend to droop and my body feels heavy, but I don’t necessarily get tired, just relaxed. My best experiences have been at BBQs or film nights where I can just enjoy the company of the people around me.

For someone who struggles with headaches and pains, as well, weed is the best pain relief I’ve come across. And for people with periods, nothing helps my cramps more than a chocolate edible, which feels like the best of both worlds.

As someone who is rarely relaxed, weed allows me a respite, allows me to appreciate the world around me, even if it’s just the weed-strewn patio of a uni house.

Advice to others: Personally, I find that mixing weed and alcohol doesn’t work for me. Rather than having a slow comedown, it amplifies it x10, and I end up feeling super hungover.

Enjoyment Ranking: 9/10

What I wish I’d known: Everyone experiences weed differently. My partner becomes very paranoid, and after a particularly strong brownie, one of my friends thought that we were all stick-people and that if he touched us, he’d erase us.

Take it slow and don’t expect to have the exact same reactions as your friends.

Would I take it again?: Yes, yes, yes. #LegaliseIt

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