Drugs Awareness Week: My Positive Experience with Weed 1

All posts are from anonymous contributors to our platform. While The Hysteria Collective does not endorse drug-use, we believe that judgement-free education and resources can only have a positive impact on the safety and welfare of others. We’re not all massive druggos, we swear.

Colloquial name of drug: Weed, edibles

Scientific name of drug: Marijuana/Cannabis

Type of experience: Positive/Mixed

Mg/dose: 710g in brownies, making around 80 doses

Location: At home!

Who I took it with: Alone or with partner

My experience:

Weed Has Helped My Mental Health in The Pandemic.

We’re nearly in March 2021. A whole year has gone by living a different life, existing in a different world. A world of restrictions and repetitions, of being stuck and lockdown. Of not being able to travel or see a friend for a quick catch up over some yummy food at the new cafe. Same four walls, same bloody walk day after day after day. Mornings spent in the bedroom and evenings in the living room just for some for variety. The treacherous monotony of repeating day after day in the exact same surroundings, speaking to roughly the exact same people every week is taxing.

Weed has been my 4-5 per week shot of perspective and variety; it provides tiny bites of respite from the pandemic. It allows me to jumpstart my mind into resting mode. It allows for the gloom of the day to be truly left behind as my mind enters the high mode. It provides countless fits of giggles and hours lost in creative activities. It allows my mind to think up creative ideas and truly enjoy the moment.

When today’s the same as yesterday and the day before that, and work’s been hard again because people’s lives aren’t getting any easier and the whole year has been hard and totally upside down, there’s so many things to worry about and my mind spirals and I know there’s only so much I can do. After all that, a small piece of brownie gives my mind a big kick of relief, a big slap of perspective. I can thus transition from the above mindset to getting lost in activities that quieten and calm my mind, body and soul. I love moving my body high and I love meditating and working on my breath high. I can do all of those things not high but why? So many things that help me get perspective are unavailable to me at the moment, I will use what I’ve got.

I would call myself a responsible user and I don’t have an addictive personality. I have consumed weed in one way or another regularly for over 10 years. This includes periods of no use and periods of regular use which would be weekends or a few times a month and have never found it hard to be without. I’d never drive high or go to work high. I do a lot of work on my emotions and keep a close eye on my mental health. I never get high to numb myself when I’m sad. If I think I’ve gotten high too many days in a row (but honestly, though, what is there to do…?) I’ll have a break, check in with myself and with how I feel (added bonus of this to me personally is I don’t build up a high tolerance and so a little goes a long way!). I believe I have a healthy relationship with cannabis.

Getting high has been one of countless tools I’ve used during the pandemic to take care of my mental health and I am grateful for it. I know not everyone has a similar experience and that not everyone has a positive experience either, but just because something is not for you doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Advice to others: Be disciplined, know yourself and know your limits. And if you can’t – don’t do it.

Enjoyment ranking: 9/10

What I wish I’d known: That making edibles was this simple! Would’ve skipped years of smoking and vaping

Would I take it again? Yes

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