My Experience of Couch to 5k: The Beginning

With entering a new year, turning 50 recently, and getting very practiced at being a couch potato (blame the brilliant series Mr Robot and my Goodreads reading goal) I thought I should set myself a challenge. Last year I successfully managed to lose a lot of weight, despite being very inactive, so getting more active is the natural next step. Not much else we can do for entertainment outside of our home right now, anyways.

Lying in bed downloading the Couch to 5k app, choosing my ‘coach’ and making running playlists is all very fun, but then comes the procrastination and excuses to actually begin.

Anybody familiar with the app will know about the choice of celebrities that are there to instruct and encourage. I’ve gone with Jo Whiley, the soft voiced evening DJ. Maybe more suited to easing into the bath for a listen…

The alternatives included a sports person (too scary) and comedian Sarah Millican (not sure I would take her seriously). 

Today was the day for Day 1. A day off work and a bright crisp, clear, sunny day. I am very fortunate to live near miles of flat seafront. A perfect setting but can mean lots of dodging other runners, cyclists, dogs and toddlers even during a lockdown.

Jo was very welcoming and encouraging from the offset. Great that I could have my cool tunes playing in conjunction with her and I found I got into a good flow of turning up the volume for the dreaded 60 second running intervals (the other 90 seconds of walking are chill). 

And, I made it! Felt slightly embarrassed that any onlookers may have scoffed at the fact that I kept slowing down (but that’s the point of it!) but Jo thought I was fab and made my head swell with pride with her parting comments. 

She feels like my best friend already.

Image courtesy of Axel Bimashanda.

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