Virtual Distance

I’m tired

of not being able to feel fresh air or walk down roads

with my head held high

like we used to.

The distance of screens is barely a centimeter but it feels like an unending road of pixels and elipses barriers.

To seeing friends and lovers which I may never see again

I’ve given everything, sacrificed a world and a version of myself to help

keep us safe.

Games online are fun but they never compare to the thrill of the run

in the downpour of rain. The last bus has long since left me behind.

Wrapping ourselves around takeaway tubs to keep both us and the food warm.

Now it’s but one stair at a time, climbing but never stopping.

Getting close but then being tripped

and falling


right back to the beginning.

Plastered on smiles of goodwill, paper-thin disguises to hide the lies

that we’re not doing okay.

But we’re here – how can we not be doing okay

when we can’t see the mountain looming over all of us.

I miss you, and I’m tired.

The electric lights burn my eyes and I can’t see the sun anymore.

But I know, the otherside of this screen, barely a centimeter thick

is you.

And for that I am thankful.

For when I doze off in the middle of our 2am talks,

you’ll be there when I wake back up.

Image courtesy of StockSnap (via pixabay)

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