Is Instagram Just One Big Shopping Platform?

I am sure we have all noticed the increasing changes on Instagram and how sales-oriented it has become.

Is this good for business?

What about consumers?

Is Instagram even Instagram anymore?

I doubt this is the end destination; there are more changes to come and soon Instagram will just become one big sales platform.

Many companies now have an Instagram page which plays a key role in generating sales and enhancing their marketing campaigns. It seems that companies that do not have an Instagram page are at a disadvantage. Products are advertised in a more relaxed manner, that keeps key aspects of professionalism. 

The use of an Instagram page is a good way for companies to show consumers content that is less business related and it can also provide the background of those involved in the brand. Many companies may also show more of their manufacturing side too.

Ultimately, a social media platform can increase the number of customers & sales and introduce people to the company and what is offered.

Is Instagram losing its original purpose?

What once was a platform used to share pictures and connect virtually with our family and friends has now turned into sales booster.

With recent updates, the activity section has now been moved and replaced with shopping tools, such as a tab which has sections to browse stores, editors pick, collections, guides and wish lists. The main and integral part of Instagram is now minimised in a tiny section in the corner.

Furthermore, I have also noticed that stores I have recently carried out online purchases with have appeared on a little tab, requesting a review of the service or product. This is an example of how your data is passed and sold between apps and companies; and now it is being used to aid Instagram shopping features. Cookies for products that we search for, lead into what comes up on our suggested items to purchase.

Instagram influencers or Instagram advertisers?

Tons of advertisements for brands come from Instagram influencers nowadays. It seems as though influencers have simply turned into advertisers. Are Instagram influencers bothered about spreading positivity and being role models, or are they just concerned with making money and encouraging you to spend yours? Posting pictures has turned into a job for some, and now people are being used to simply make advertisements.

Instagram is not about showing your life because your friends and family are interested in what you are getting up to, but rather it is about advertising and generating sales.

Image courtesy of Jakob Owens.

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  1. I have definitely noticed this with instagram in the last year and so, and in a way it is sad that any kind of online space is now likely to be filled with adverts. However instagram has taken this to another extreme. Although saying this, there are many small businesses I come across on IG.

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