Me and Mariah

The heady screeching notes, of Christmas declaration,

A kid on stage at school in London singing slightly sharp adoration.

Yeah sure, back then it was off of a film or on the car radio,

But now I’m old, my mum was right, I get it now, you know…

Because when the lights are twinkling and my hands; they need some gloves.

There is nothing more I want or need than to be wrapped up with my love.

Driving home for Christmas, and I know that home is you.

And yes, now I understand Miss Carey, that when affection is pure and true.

All you have on your wish list, is your partner next to the tree,

No gifts, no cards, no brandy pud,

Just you and I,

and our family.

So, I will scoff no more when I hear those notes thirteen,

as the vocals come in and the bass draws out so dramatic, so pure, so clean.

Because Christmas is for romance and love, with you and I this year,

So I’ll be raising a glass and kissing your lips,

Warm, at home, and full of cheer.

Image courtesy of Miroslava.

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