Anticipating the Doctor Who Special

Captain Jack is back, baby! 

2021 will be starting off in the best way possible – with a 70 minute Doctor Who special, The Revolution of the Daleks. The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), Yas (Mandip Gill), Ryan (Tosin Cole), and Graham (Bradley Walsh) will be joined by Captain Jack (John Barrowman) as they fight against the Doctor’s oldest enemy, the Daleks. 

When we last left the fam they were separated. The Doctor in prison, Yas, Ryan, and Graham on Earth with no way of knowing if the Doctor is ok and if she is coming back to them. They do have a TARDIS, and, from the trailer, it looks as if Yas is using the TARDIS as a base camp to find the Doctor. My favourite episodes have been the ones where the fam are able to show more of their personality, thoughts, and feelings so I can’t wait to see how they adjust to life on Earth without the Doctor. 

Returning to Doctor Who is Chris Noth as disgraced businessman, Jack Robertson. We last saw Jack Roberston in series 11, Arachnids in the UK. This episode was one of my favourites from series 11. I can’t help but think he may not have turned to the good side since we last saw him. 

The cast member I am most excited about is Harriet Walter as Jo Patterson. Although the character’s role has not been revealed, I am predicting that she will be the Prime Minister. In the trailer, she is shown announcing Daleks as new defence drones – a completely safe and reasonable new policy. 

The Daleks have had a redesign. Personally, I love the Daleks from Russel T Davies’ era of Doctor Who, they are iconic and I loved all the sassy moments. However, I am cautiously optimistic about these new Daleks. The redesign has given them a modern but terrifying look. You really can’t beat the Daleks. 

I can’t talk about The Revolution of Daleks without talking about the epic return of Captain Jack. Seeing him for a brief moment in The Fugitive of Judoon was incredible and now he’s back for a full episode. Captain Jack is iconic; the sass, flirtation, and pure joy that he (and John Barrowman) brings is infectious. My two hopes for the special are for Jack to meet Jodie’s Doctor and for him to die and come back alive in front of the fam. I’m desperate to see their reaction to it. 

The Revolution of the Daleks will also bring the Doctor Who adventure to an end for Graham and Ryan. I’m sure it’ll be emotional but I do hope they leave the door open for at least one of them to make guest appearances. However, I also hope that the departure of Graham and Ryan will make way for a deeper relationship between Yas and the Doctor. 

I am counting down the days until New Year’s Day. I can’t wait to watch The Revolution of the Daleks. It has everything a great episode of Doctor Who needs; a corrupt government official just inviting the aliens to Earth, Daleks, the world in peril, and of course Captain Jack. 

Photo courtesy of Charlie Seaman

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